About Us

The club was formed in 1924 after a green was laid on land donated by Sir Herbert Cory, a local landowner, to the YMCA and rented from them. The green was adjacent to tennis courts, allotments, a scout troop hut and camping area in the then village of Whitchurch in Glamorgan County. 

Membership soon expanded and firmly established itself within the local bowling community over the next twenty five years.

Following the second world war, bowling picked up again and WBC began to make an impact at a regional and national levels with members winning county honours and rising up the league tables.

A fire destroyed the first pavilion in 1949 and the second was replaced in 1984, our diamond jubilee. In 1991, following lengthy negotiation, the land on which the clubhouse and green stand was purchased from the YMCA.

Membership by this point had reached over 100 members and has continued at just under those levels until the present day. Over the years, members have represented our county and country and continue to do so in the present day. 

A friendly, competitive club that is thriving today and with our cententary year approaching in 2024, we continue to offer excellent facilities and a welcome to all.